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  Hospital Cleaning Service


We focus on janitorial contracts that provide a 30 day cancelation clause rather than the traditional one year. This is becau+se we feel we are obligated to earn your business every day. Our approach is to estimate based on necessary labor required to keep your facility at your level of clean, and we are committed to full transparency regarding the scope, scheduling, and pricing of our services. We strive to strike the ideal balance between cleaning scope and the client’s available budget. Scheduling cleaning of individual areas according to traffic and usage, for example, can often lead to savings With At Your Service. Customers are assured to get what they pay for. If any scope of work is ever adjusted, it will be with the consent of the client, and the respective savings will be passed on to client.

At Your Service Inc. has specialized in Healthy Cleaning techniques and products for years and continuously evaluates new products and trains its crews to capitalize on the latest innovations. In addition to using microfiber cloths, which have been proven to be the most effective way of trapping dirt and bacteria, we also use and the latest neutral germicidal cleaners which are also effective against HIV-1 (AIDS), Hepatitis B Virus, MRSA and CA-MRSA(Community Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureas).

Our micro-fiber cloths, HEPA-filtered vacuums, and “Healthy Cleaning” tools and techniques will make your workplace a healthier place to be and an office with fewer sick days.


Typical janitorial clients are:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Legal Offices
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Industrial Facilities
  Professional Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning:


At Your Service uses the most effective method for cleaning carpets, truck mounted equipment with powerful suction and also capable of generating at least 180° Fahrenheit. For facilities located beyond 200 feet of the nearest parking space, powerful portable devices are used. Traffic patterns and difficult soiled areas are pre-treated with special emulsifiers prior to the use of the steam wand, and special care is taken to ensure that no soapy residue remains after the cleaning.

Our crews are trained for quality cleaning, and their performance measured against results. As such, our estimating processes rely on an assessment of work needed to address the specific condition of the carpet, and not by the square footage as is often done in the industry.

  Office Carpet Cleaning

Occasionally older carpets may have incurred stains that are well embedded into the fiber and will either not come out completely or will return in the form of a shadow at a later time. In keeping with our policy of full transparency, we will do our best to utilize our twenty two years of experience and tell you up front of any suspected spots.

VCT floor refinishing:


There are a few methods for preserving the appearance and protecting your vinyl floors:

Full Strip and Wax: This is a restorative process which involves the use of a rotary scrubber with a pad of appropriate coarseness together with a stripping agent to remove all old wax and soils. Hand scrubbing with special tools is also required in corners and small spaces. After removing all stripper and neutralizing the PH with a rinse, multiple layers of quality 25% solids floor wax is applied to the dry floor. This leaves the floor shinning and looking like new. In addition to improving appearance, this process also protects the surface from the abrasiveness of the soils and extends the life of the floor. At Your Service recommends that VCT floors be stripped and waxed on average once per year, but the frequency should also depend of type and volume of traffic.


Scrub and Wax: This is a maintenance process which is less expensive than a full strip and wax. It can be done when there is still enough undamaged wax on the floor and it involves the use of a less coarse pad to remove only the soils and contaminants. A few layers of quality 25% solids floor wax is then applied after cleaning and neutralizing the floor. At Your Service recommends that this process be done quarterly depending on the type of traffic. However, it should not be done more than 3 or 4consecutive times without a full stripping to avoid excess accumulation of aged wax on the bottom layers.


Spray buff: This is also a maintenance process and sometimes used for a quick removal of a scratch or mild revival of the sheen. Excessive use of this approach is not recommended, and should only be reserved for special floors requiring an extra glossy look, or quick removal of scuffs. Since the process involves a high rpm scrubbing machine and the spray product is thermal activated through friction, care must be taken to ensure that the type of VCT involved is resistant enough to the generated heat to avoid possible “rings” in the gloss.

With any of these services involving the application of wax, the use of the air-conditioning system is recommended to ensure the proper curing of the wax and to achieve maximum gloss.


Custom Services:


At Your Service will work with the client to design customized services to meet specific needs. Such services can include the blowing of leaves on the exterior of the campus, scrubbing of tiled walkways, or any practical cleaning request.

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