Cleaning Tips:

There are many things you can do to make your home or office environment healthier. At Your Service offers these tips to help you enjoy a cleaner, healthier home and office.

Respiratory Allergies

With 28% of the population suffering from indoor respiratory allergies, it’s important to address the cause. One significant cause is dust mites. In fact, dust mites produce hundreds of millions of droppings each day in an average home or office, triggering many respiratory allergies. Here’s the good news: there ARE precautions you can take to reduce this threat:


Precautions you can take in your home:

  • Washing – a hot wash at 140o will kill mites and their eggs
  • Drying – By lowering humidity in your home, you can discourage nesting sites.
    A visit to the tumble dryer will also devastate a colony of mites.
  Tips to keep your office and home clean.
  • Freezing – Placing small items such as toys in the freezer overnight will kill mites… but remember to wash the items afterwards.
  • Avoidance – Reducing dark, damp places with still air will reduce places for mites to nest.

If you have your office professionally cleaned:

  • Insist on a cleaning company that invests in micro-fiber cloths: the most effective way of trapping dirt, germs and micro-organisms
  • Insist on a cleaning company that uses HEPA filtered vacuums to ensure that everything in your carpet is captured, NOT sent into the air for you to inhale
  • Insist on the powerful suction of truck-mounted equipment capable of generating at least 180° F. Note: any system experiences up to a 30° loss by the time the water jet reaches the wand, thus cleaning your carpet at 150° F.

Why have your carpet cleaned?

Just because you don’t see stains or dirt on your carpets doesn’t mean your carpet is clean. Dirt collects deep down to the bottom of the carpet fibers and slowly destroys the carpet. It’s often what you DON’T see that causes the most damage.

People worry that cleaning too often will cause their carpets to age prematurely, when in fact, the opposite is true. Regular cleaning prevents dirt from building up within a carpet’s pile. Without cleaning, this dirt will cause damage and premature wear, not to mention the possibility of becoming a nest for mites.

All rags are NOT created equal

Choosing the best ragor towel for cleaning.  

Your desk plays host to germs, viruses and dust mites, waiting for the shuffle of a paper to send them airborne, ready to inhale and settle in your lungs. A study conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona revealed that up to 400 times more infectious microorganisms are found on desks than found on toilet seats.

While many janitors attack the problem with standard rags that are used and re-used from place to place, they simply move the dirt from one location to another, contributing to cross-contamination. Operatory-approved microfiber cloths are the most effective way to reduce this threat, effectively trapping dirt and removing germs. For your health, you should insist your janitor or cleaning service use microfiber cloths.


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